11 August 2007

Jim Cramer, the interventionist

It was in the mid-90s when I was a college student, that I read an article in the american GQ about the legendary Jim Cramer, the Harvard educated lawyer that became hedge fund manager, making crazy returns year after year.
I would have never believed that the man who inspired me to go and work in the fin services, the archetypal "greedy" hedge-fund manager, would someday make such a passionate call for Fed intervention (see video below) -and worse, all this, just to save the jobs of his friends in Bear Sterns ("...my people are in this game for 25 years, and they are now loosing their jobs").
I work in the fixed income myself, and I expect that my bonus this year will be hit hard by the turmoil in the credit markets, but I strongly believe that when investors are getting juicy spreads for taking risks, they should also be prepared to pay for any losses. You can't have it both ways Jim.

The best is towards the end, when he says: "we spent billions to build houses in Iraq, we should do sthg for the millions that cannot pay their mortgage here". Note that JC had publicly supported the Iraq invasion.

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