29 April 2008

Green Conservatism - Πράσινος Φιλελευθερισμός

I just saw this excellent video with a speech by Newt Gingrich, where he defines and makes a case for "green conservatism", where market forces will be used to save the environment. He also shows how catastrophic the leftist activism can be for the environment, by giving the example of the anti-nuclear energy movement (Jane Fonda et al.) in the early 80's: If nuclear energy had been adopted in US at the same level as it had in France, emitted carbon would have been reduced by more than 2 billion tonnes by now, number much higher than the cuts proposed in Kyoto Treaty for US.

I do not however want to underplay the irresponsible position (at least until recently) of the American right that tends to react so emotionally to whatever "the other side" is saying. More on that, here

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