16 September 2006

Have you heard the one with the Pope...?

In a speech yesterday, the Pope may have implied that Islam is a violent religion.
The offended Muslims responded by threatening, burning and bombing to make their point that Islam is actually a peaceful religion.

They are a joke. A very bad joke.

The same people do not feel they have to protect the peaceful reputation of Islam when certain imams openly preach violence against infidels. The reason is that the whole reaction has nothing to do with defending Islam as a peaceful religion. It has to do with the modern Muslim inferiority complex towards the west. But it is as simple as that: If they don’t want the west to think of them as backwards, they shouldn’t behave as backwards.

PS. I am no friend of Christians myself but I have to give them that: Christianity is the most tolerant major religion to external criticism and ridicule. And that’s a good sign; it means that this religion has very good chances to transform into sthg more functional and relevant to the needs of the modern society


Roark said...

All religions are backward, but some are more backward than others.

Konon said...

Agree, but only on the surface.
I think that what really matters is not the content of a religion per se but the interpretation which is essentially a "rationalization" and as a process is socially defined.

So, the real determinant of the degree of backwardness of a religion will be the cultural "superstructure" which is mostly defined byt the underlying economic.

PS. Roark, I just had a scary thought: I agree with Marx on a very basic principle, the supremacy of the economy in defining the cultural "superstructure".
What's next? "surplus value"? LOL

Hepzibah said...

True Christians realize that organized religion is a man-made institution, therefore, subject to corruption.

May God bless you.