23 July 2007

Veronica Berlusconi and the Respect for Women

In FT last week there was an article about the status of Italian women. Among others it is mentioned:

Earlier this year Veronica Berlusconi, Silvio Berlusconi’s wife of almost
three decades, tired of her husband’s reported boorish behaviour. After
hearing that he had flirted with other women at a gala media dinner,
Veronica wrote a letter to La Repubblica, one of Italy’s biggest newspapers
and a critic of Berlusconi’s rightwing politics. His conduct was an affront
to “my dignity as a woman”, she wrote, before demanding a public apology.
“Today for my female children, already adults,” she continued, “the example
of a woman capable of defending her dignity … takes on significant
She hoped her outcry would remind her son,
Luigi, “never to forget to keep among his fundamental values a respect for women”.

I found this letter really moving. It should remind to everybody that happens to have a priviliged access to the female market, how morally important is to restrain our promiscuous nature. We easily forget that in the hunting game, dignified women can be severely hurt.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes using evolutionary psychology to justify your unacceptable behaviour is not the way to go.